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Safety & Quality

Amit Bhargava, General Manager, Chellaram Shipping (HK) Ltd. receiving the AMVER awards on behalf of the Fleet vessels. All vessels in the Fleet that have been in service for the required duration have been given the certificate for their participation.

The company has implemented various safety related measures across its managed fleet to raise the level of Safetyon the vessels. Some of these measures are mentioned below.
Promoting safety culture amongst on-board and shore-based personnel is a Company priority. To this end Chellaram Shipping has established an on-going Risk Management program, "Safer@Sea", which stands for Safe Evaluation of Risk at Sea. We use risk management tools in our Fleet and Offices to evaluate the risks associated with our business to help us improve safety and our performance. To assist in this exercise, "Mariner", a risk assessment program developed by Lloyd Register of Shipping is used across the company.
The risk assessment exercise relating to various Navigational aspects resulted in the identification of the need for more intensive training with the use of simulators and the need for introduction of Electronic Chart Display (ECDIS) on board. Both of these measures have been implemented on board all the vessels of our fleet, with the first few ECDIS already having been placed on the fleet vessels.
The company's SMS manuals, procedures and checklists have been migrated from a paper based to an electronic system. The ISMS is designed to work in a user-friendly manner to improve familiarization with the procedures and make compliance easier and intuitive with pre-designed workflows and associated electronic filing.
One of the results of the various measures introduced and the drive towards safety and quality is recognition from the USCG. The company managed fleet meets the criteria for Qualship 21, an initiative of the USCG to identify and recognize quality shipping in the 21st century. At present all of the company managed ships, which have called the USA in the last 12 months, have received Qualship 21 certification, this being one of the eligibility criteria.


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