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Career Opportunities

Most of our managerial shore staff, from Superintendents to the Chief Executive, is our own ex floating staff. It is truly a Company where the Fleet and the Floating-staff grow together...

We value

  • - Integrity
  • - Loyalty
  • - Honesty
  • - Fairness

We offer

  • - Short Contracts, with excellent Service Conditions & Timely Relief
  • - Good Career advancement in a reputable Company with over 30 years in Ship Management
  • - Family Carriage benefits Incl. Air Fare reimbursement
  • - Timely disbursement of salaries
  • - Friendly environment with majority Indian Crew/Officers & Indian Messing

We Ensure

  • - Ships maintained to highest standards
  • - Strong support from shore based management
  • - Secured job and bright future with high family values
  • - Ships with Qualship 21 awarded by USCG
  • - A young Fleet (Average Age 6 years)

Internet/VOIP installed for ship-staff use on all ships

What are you looking for?

If you are looking for good advancement prospects, flexibility in your career path, and steady employment on a fleet of modern ships, then download the application form below, fill and send to

We Urgently Require the Following Ranks

Chief Engineer (Top Urgent)

Second Engineer


Mr. Sandeep Malankar / Mr. Satish Kadam


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